Apparel tech pack service in Vietnam

What is the best way to do call outs in an apparel tech pack?

A call-out page draws attention to details for the different parts of your garment. You write a note and then draw a line to the garment where the note is applicable. Usually, details that require additional explanation are discussed face to face. Call-outs is a way to get the details in writing to avoid misunderstandings or better, confirm understanding. Misunderstandings cost time and time is money. Make a great call-out page to avoid confusion.

You want to call out anything that is not intuitive, the more the better. Call out details like:

  1. Embellishment placement
  2. Labels
  3. Piping
  4. Drawstrings
  5. Bartacks
  6. Gussets
  7. Waterproof zippers

Learn how to do call-outs using Adobe Illustrator watch this video called ‘Adobe for Fashion: Tech Packs- Creating Call Outs in Illustrator’ by Robin Schneider.

Diep is a technical tech pack freelancer and she does construction details and call outs on the same page. She describes the stitching for neck trim, set-in neck trim in rib fabric, fold half and neck seam. Putting the construction details and call outs on the same page makes it easier when you check the sample. Either way, it should be as detailed as possible so factory doesn't have to ask or guess. If the stitching is done wrong, it is very costly to fix.