Garment tech pack company in Ho Chi Minh City

How to describe hang tags in apparel tech packs?

Illustrate or describe the following properties of your hang tag.

What is the shape? Is it a banner, circle, rectangle or rounded square?

What is the orientation? Is it vertical or horizontal?

What are the exact dimensions?

What is the grammage of the card stock? (Great article about card stock measurements).

What is the finish? Is it uncoated or glossy?

What is the size and position of the hole?

What kind of attaching string do you want: plastic, cotton, or metal?

Are there bar codes? Are they printed or attached as stickers?

Diep is a technical fashion designer here in Saigon, she says, "hang tags can be attached to your garment in many ways. The connectors can be plastic, cotton or metal. Hang tags are a part of you brand concept so do them well if you want to build brand equity. For example you want to give a feminine look to your hang tags, you can attach by a piece of shiny red ribbon. If you're not sure what kind of hang tag you want then go to store and refer to a photo to show factory."

You don’t want to find out at the last minute that the wording on hang tags are wrong so include hang tag checks in your quality control check list.