Samples based on Apparel Tech Packs

Should I include a sample request in my apparel tech pack?

The first order of business after getting a reasonable price quote is to get a sample made. Have your sample request ready in the tech pack to present to the factory. Include the measurements for the sample size which is usually medium. Include the allowable tolerances so the factory can anticipate your quality control standard.

Leave empty space to record the measurements of the first sample and make notes. You can even leave room to record the results of a second sample as illustrated below.

Including the sample request in your tech pack shows the factory that you are serious and prepared to move quickly from price quote to 1st sample.

Diep's advice is to include the sample request in the tech pack and provide a measurement chart for the sample. If the factory agree's to quote you a price and the price is workable then the next step is for the factory to make you a sample. Be proactive and have a sheet in the tech pack to record the measurement of samples during development. Be ready to compare the factory's sample measurements and your sample measurements to provide comments, measurement revisions and fit comments in the tech pack. Having a sample requests sheet in the tech pack facilitates quick development. Diep is a tech pack freelancer in Ho Chi Minh City.