Clothing tech pack freelancer in Ho Chi Minh City

Do I need care labels and branding labels in my apparel tech pack?

Garments typically have two labels: main label and care label. Both need to be included in the tech pack. The material, placement and text must be clearly illustrated.

If a label is a heat-seal label then indicate the temperature, pressure and duration needed to apply the heat-seal label. If you don’t know, ask the factory and write down what they tell you in the tech pack. This information comes in handy during your in-line quality control inspections. You should check the temperature, pressure and duration of heat-seal label application.

According to Diep, a technical fashion designer based in HCMC, "you will need care label and branding labels in your apparel tech pack to show the factory where you want the labels sewn - which orientation and with what type of stitch. Each type of garment like pants, t-shirts, dresses and skirts put the labels in different places. It's necessary for you to show the factory clearly."

Research the legal requirements for labeling in the countries where your garment will be sold. The factory will follow your tech pack to the T. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that the wording on your labels is not compliant. Factories are not responsible for the wording on labels.