Apparel Tech Pack Services in Vietnam

Garment tech pack company in Vietnam

What packing instructions need to be in an apparel tech pack?

tech-pack-packing-informationPackaging information typically includes instructions about poly bags and carton boxes. Is the poly bag polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE?) Is the cardboard box 3, 5 or 7 ply? What are the dimensions of the poly bags and cardboard boxes? And finally what is printed on the poly bags or carton boxes?

Adding silicon gel bags is a packing option. I recommend you mention them in your bill of materials. Describe how many silicon gel bags to include in each poly bag or each box.

Packaging labels and bar codes that go on poly bags or carton boxes should be described and illustrated on the packaging page.
Apparel Tech Pack Services in Vietnam
Diep is a technical designer in Vietnam who pointed out that some brands like their t-shirts rolled up and put into cans. Sounds simple right? It is simple. But you still need to explain in the tech pack with written instructions and photos.

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