What is the best garment tech pack cover sheet design?

The cover sheet typically includes a sketch and the bill of materials. At the top of the cover sheet, and every sheet thereafter, there should be the following information:

The name of the brand
The designer’s name
Short description of the garment
The season the garment belongs to
The date the tech pack was created
A technical description of the main fabric
The style name
The style number
The size range
The sample size

Vietnam Insider Tip - Instead of putting the bill of materials on the first page, I recommend you put a quantities per style per color breakdown list. I call this the QBL, quantity breakdown list. This information is very important for the factory. They use it to estimate the complexity of the order. It is more important than the bill of materials (BOM.)

Here is what a quantities per style per color breakdown (QBL) list looks like:

If there are prints then list the quantities per style per color per print. Or, list the quantities per style per color per artwork.

An order of 1,000 black t-shirts is significantly different than an order of 1,000 t-shirts in three colors and two prints per color. The color and print variations affect the profitability of an order significantly.

I asked Diep about her cover sheet preferences and here is what she said, "there is not a standard coversheet. Most brands I work with put technical sketches or bill of material on the cover sheet. I prefer the cover page to have the following information. I like a small line sketch enough to recognize the design. Style information like code, description, updated date, designer name, country of origin (COO), stage of tech pack, season and department. The tip that Chris suggests is brilliant. The quantity breakdown is the top information that a manufacturer wants to know. I will start recommend my customer to put the quantity breakdown list in the tech pack near the front." Diep is a tech pack freelancer based in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.