Import Duties for Vietnam

If you want to know what the import duty for your garment is then you need to know your HS Code. (I will explain HS Codes below.) My assumption is that you are importing from Vietnam into USA. Duty rates are different for every country. With your HS Code in mind, then you can look up your US import duty rates. For example a t-shirt has a duty rate of 16.5% (cotton) and 32% (polyester). Where do you look it up? You look it up in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule which I will explain shortly.

The HS Code system was created by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to categorize ALL “manufactured things” into approximately 5,000 commodity groups. This system is accepted and implemented by more than 200 countries worldwide. For example if you are producing t-shirts made with polyester yarn then the HS Code is 6109.90.10.

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is a list of these HS Codes with their corresponding duty rate specifically for the US. In fact every country has their own unique Harmonized Tariff Schedule because import duty rates vary from country to country. For example you can google Australian Harmonized tariff schedule. Be aware that some countries call it something different like the Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Classification (AHECC).

Here is the link to the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Open it and find the link for chapter 61. Open chapter 61 pdf. Then search for 6109.90.10. If you need additional help then contact me. I offer consulting to get you answers.

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