Hi, in my books I share basic knowledge for fashion start-ups based on lessons learned since I started working in the Vietnam garment industry in 2008. I focus on practical information you will need to work with Vietnamese sewing factories. I included cultural tips as well. I recommend you start with Garment Production to know how to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam.
When you meet factories in Vietnam there is basic information you need to know to have a successful meeting, get a price quote and get samples made. I wrote these books with this end in mind. Read them and you will be ready to meet Vietnamese clothing companies.

I wrote these eBooks for fashion start-ups who want to know how to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam.

Available on Audio and eBook
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Available as eBook and Audio Book.

Steps you need to master before producing in Vietnam

This book prepares you to work with sewing factories in Vietnam. Read this book first to know how to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam.

My most critical point is to pay a professional to prepare your tech packs in advance.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 My best advice
Chapter 2 Meeting MOQs
Chapter 3 Choosing fabrics
Chapter 4 Printing options
Chapter 5 Know your trims
Chapter 6 Know your accessories
Chapter 7 Prepare tech packs
Chapter 8 Getting samples made
Chapter 9 Find the right factory
Chapter 10 Packing options
Chapter 11 Bond with factory
Chapter 12 Negotiating strategies
Chapter 13 Production steps
Chapter 14 How to manage quality
Chapter 15 Shipping Documents
Chapter 16 Choose Freight Forwarder
Chapter 17 Calculate Import Duties
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Available as eBook and Audio Book.

Fundamental Knowledge You Should Know Before Buying Eco Fabrics

This book explains what Eco fabrics are and are not. I introduce you to 46 suppliers of Eco fabrics. How to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam begins with sourcing fabrics.

My main message is that there is no such thing as a 100% Eco fabric.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - 46 Sources of Eco fabrics
Chapter 2 - Eco influencers
Chapter 3 -Eco vs sustainability
Chapter 4 -The mystery of Eco
Chapter 5 -Why most fabrics are not Eco
Chapter 6 -How to check Eco
Chapter 7 -Advances in fabric dyeing
Chapter 8 - 6 Eco fabric wholesalers
Chapter 9 - 2 Hemp factories
Chapter 10 - 3 Recycled polyester factories
Chapter 11 – 1 Recycled cotton supplier
Chapter 12 – 2 Bamboo factories
Chapter 13 – 3 Rayon factories
Chapter 14 – 6 Eco sewing factories
Chapter 15 – 12 Eco fabrics in 2019
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Available as eBook and Audio Book.

Know AQL and 4 Point Fabric Inspection Methods

This book teaches you how to evaluate factories, inspect fabric and inspect garments. You need quality control to know how to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam.

My main message is to let the factory do QC and use a digital quality control solution to manage the QC of the factory.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Choose QC or QA
Chapter 2 Get to know the owner well
Chapter 3 Lessons learned from interviewing factory owners
Chapter 4 Evaluate the factory
Chapter 5 What to inspect
Chapter 6 When to inspect
Chapter 7 Use AQL
Chapter 8 Use the 4-point fabric inspection method
Chapter 9 Digitization of quality control
Chapter 10 Fixing defects. Rework services.
Chapter 11 Quality control companies in Vietnam
Chapter 12 Evolution of quality control

SEO in 4 Simple Steps

Search engine optimization is overwhelming because there are 200+ signals that Google uses to rank your website. After you finish my four steps then focus on these four activities:

  1. Write quality and relevant content
  2. Design pages that offer a user-friendly experience
  3. Be mobile friendly, improve your page speed
  4. Earn quality backlinks.

Is learning SEO in four simple steps on your to do list? If you want to get first page ranking for your KWPs then you need to first and foremost decide what your keyword phrases (KWPs) are going to be for the life of your business. Finally, you need to make sure the KWP are inserted into your web pages correctly. Then you wait and check periodically.

Remember these fundamental concepts:
  1. Assign one KWP to each web page
  2. Each page is a landing page
  3. Don’t be afraid of long KWPs
  4. Target your keyword density for three percent

Why are tech packs important?

A garment tech pack is a multi-page document that illustrates, describes and lists all the technical details that a factory needs to quote a price, make a sample and complete production. Using tech packs for garment production is an industry standard practice. Use tech packs and command professionalism. They are essential to knowing how to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam.

If you are not using tech packs then it means you are either new to the game or cutting corners to reduce your costs.

I am a fashion start-up consultant based in Vietnam and I get contacted daily by people who want to produce apparel here but they don’t have tech packs. They want to “wing it” and assume that factories will make the tech packs for them. Their train derails as soon as the factory discovers they don’t have tech packs. Why? Factories prefer to quote a price and make a sample from tech packs because they don’t want to guess details like measurements and fabric specifications. To keep your train on track, my advice is to have your tech packs prepared by a professional before you approach any factory and plan to spend between 500 to 2,000 U.S. dollars for tech packing services. Tech packs will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Having a tech pack and being professional is critical if you want a quick and “financially lean” turn around. If you don’t have tech packs then the factory will classify you as a high risk customer for the following reasons:

1 They fear you will place a small quantity order and they will make very little money.
 2 They fear you will chicken out at the last minute because you are new to the game and they will lose money.
 3 They fear that you will make many changes during development because you are not clear on what you want and they will lose money.

If you have no tech packs then they see you as a headache customer and their gut tells them to refuse you out of fear they will lose money. Pay to have your tech packs prepared in advance to increase your chances of gaining the factory’s confidence and hitting a home run your first time up to bat.

If the factory accepts to work with you without tech packs then ask yourself, “Are they desperate? Are they inexperienced?” If the factory doesn’t have enough orders and the staff have nothing to do, then maybe the owner will agree to quote price and make a sample without a tech pack. Or, a factory will accept to work with you without tech packs because their staff can’t read English and the staff don’t like following written instructions. Do you want to work with a factory that “wings it?”

Having complete tech packs prepared in advance is the key to working successfully with apparel manufacturers anywhere in the world. Knowing how to start a clothing company manufacturing in Vietnam starts with creating your tech packs.
Do you have tech packs ready to show factories?
Vietnamese factories need your tech packs to quote price and make samples.
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I wrote this book for you to be able to make your tech packs and understand how hard it is. If you have well done tech packs than half the battle is done.

My Best Advice
Value of a Tech Pack
27 Decision Points
Cover Sheet
Bill of Materials
Technical Sketches
Call Outs
Hang Tags
Sample Request
Example Tech Packs
Tech Pack Software
Formatting Tips
Vietnam Manufacturing Videos

Graphic T Factory

Skirt Manufacturer

Bra Cup Producer

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1. Which styles do you want to manufacture first?
2. Do you have tech packs?
3. Do you have any special factory requirements?
4. Have you produced before? If yes, then in what country?
5. What quantity per style per color do you order?
6. Does your company have a website?
7. Do you want to work with an agent or directly with the factory?
8. Do you plan to visit Vietnam?

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